SiteGround Hosting is Better Than Blue Host for New Bloggers

When you first start blogging, it's easy to be fooled by the bright lights, flashy graphics, and cheap prices of hosting services. I know I did. (Yes, Blue Host, I'm talking about you.) But, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. And, boy, did I pay. Slow site speed, poor customer service, and constant up-sells led me to get frustrated and fed up with my first hosting service. It wasn't until I stumbled on a recommendation by a fellow blogger did I finally make the jump. Leaving Blue Host for SiteGround hosting was one of the BEST blogging decisions I ever made. Read on to find out why!

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Choosing a web host is one of the most important blogging decisions you'll ever make. Luckily, you can always change your website hosting service provider if you're unhappy! Find out why Siteground hosting is SO much better than Blue Host! Click through to find out more.

Blue Host = Beginner Blogger Blunders

We all know having a self-hosted website is one of the best ways to make a blog look professional. But choosing a hosting service for a new blog can be tricky. It's hard to know which hosting service is right for you. And many new bloggers, myself included, end up getting suckered into shitty contracts with unreliable hosting services like Blue Host who require a 3-year contract!

Things went pretty well with Blue Host, at first. But, about six months into my three year contract, I had a post go viral. The next morning I woke to an alarming email from Blue Host: Your site has been shut down temporarily. Frantic, I phoned their support team. The answer I received turned my fear to rage. It turns out my shared server couldn't handle the traffic my site was receiving. Their answer: I should upgrade my service to a non-shared service.

After a heated discussion, the representative on the line green-lit my site without any more of my money. But from that day on, my site was slow, sluggish, and a total pain in the ass. After multiple calls, chats, and emails back-and-forth with tech support, I got fed up. Blue Host had disappointed me too many times.

Enter SiteGround Hosting

So, what did I do? I turned to my more experienced blogger buddies in some of my favorite Facebook groups. The response was loud and clear: switch to Site Ground hosting services. Nearly 75% of my blogger friends highly recommended SiteGround. Above all, they praised the dedicated support available with SiteGround, something I knew I needed, given my lack of tech skills. After a careful review of other web hosting providers, I knew that SiteGround hosting was right for me.

Switching from Blue Host to SiteGround

Making the switch was easier than I thought! All I had to do was sit back and relax. SiteGround's support team did all the work for me. Best of all, the support was FREE with the hosting package purchase! Within 36 hours, my site was completely switched over with no loss of data. I was so impressed with the service that I decided to transfer my domain to SiteGround, too!

SiteGround Support is Stellar

From the moment I signed up, I was blown away by the service. Over a year later, I can honestly say I'm still impressed by SiteGround's service. SiteGround hosting packages include 24 hour support. Callers can expect NO wait time. And issues are resolved within 5 minutes for chat users. For those with more complex support needs can expect a response to a service ticket within 10 minutes! Knowing they are only an email, call, or chat away is reassuring. And the incredible support and guidance I've gotten from SiteGround support has saved my blogger butt more than a few times. A great example would be my recent support requests for installing an SSL certificate for improved security. In just a few minutes, SiteGround's support team walked me through the process with ease.

SiteGround = No Signup Scams

Unlike Blue Host, SiteGround's pricing is transparent. You know exactly what you're signing up for when you click purchase. Since SiteGround hosting only required a 1-year commitment, I felt comfortable making the switch. I knew SiteGround hosting was reliable based on the excellent reviews and recommendations from my fellow bloggers. But, still, I wanted the option to walk away after a year if I wanted or needed to. After all, I'd left hundreds of dollars on the table when I left Blue Host because of their sign-up scam. I wasn't going to do that again. SiteGround's StartUp plan was more than adequate for my blogging needs, and the excellent deal on the first year of service was another great reason to make the switch. Since then, I've upgraded to the GrowBig plan which now hosts all 5 of my sites!

SiteGround Hosting Is Faster

Site speed is a major factor in Google page ranks, making a fast site a MUST. Successful bloggers need a web hosting service that will reliably deliver fast page load times. One of the things I noticed IMMEDIATELY after switching to SiteGround hosting was an improvement in my site speed. And given that speed was one of my biggest frustrations with Blue Host, I couldn't have been happier about the move. In fact, SiteGround hosting plans are more than twice as fast as most of the other popular hosting services, even without caching! I recently upgraded my hosting service to an independent hosting package, adding multiple domains and additional website. Despite the additional services, my site speed continues to be MUCH better than with Blue Host.

SiteGround Hosting Is Safer

No matter what, safety and security should be a priority for every blogger. Getting hacked is the last thing a new blogger needs. While plugins (like Askimet and Wordfence) provide some security, a blogger needs to know that their hosting service values safety, too. That's why SiteGround hosting made security a top priority. Not only has SiteGround out performed the other main hosting services in security and patching vulnerabilities, but they also continue to make security a priority. Many of the SiteGround blog posts feature tips and tools for maintaining a secure website. Knowing I don't have to worry about hackers is one more reason I love SiteGround hosting.

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Choosing a web host is one of the most important blogging decisions you'll ever make. Luckily, you can always change your website hosting service provider if you're unhappy! Find out why Siteground hosting is SO much better than Blue Host! Click through to find out more.